Louis Meyers, M.D. for Congress

Louis Meyers, M.D. for Congress

About Louis Meyers, M.D.Democrat

  • Master's Degree in Social Work (Catholic University)M.D. (George Washington University Medical School)

  • Former probation officer (Washington, D.C.)

  • 25 years experience as a physician in primary care and hospital medicine

Why I'm Running:

As a physician with nearly thirty years of experience, I know the strengths and weaknesses of our health care system. If elected to Congress, I will immediately begin to work on making necessary improvements step-by-step. My goal is to save lives.
As both a primary care and hospital physician I have taken care of thousands of older patients and have listened to their stories and struggles. I have a special interest in helping these brave Vermonters, who have contributed so much in their lives.
As your Congressman, I will do everything possible to help those who wish to remain in their own homes to do so with dignity and independence. This includes helping their family members, who are aiding their older relatives. It takes a village...

I believe less in dogma and censorship, and more in honest, straightforward communication and finding common sense solutions to the problems facing Vermont and our country.

I believe that the United States must stand for freedom. The world needs us and we need to unite if we are going to make a difference.

I believe that every person in this country has something to offer, and every life has value. We cannot afford to lose the contributions of anyone.

College enrollment has markedly decreased, as young people struggle to afford college tuition. Simultaneously, hundreds of thousands of jobs go unfilled.
One possible solution: a year of public service in return for two years of free college tuition - the equivalent of a GI Bill for civilians.

It now appears that the Supreme Court will reverse Roe vs Wade, and outlaw abortion nationwide.  
This would be a disastrous decision! It would remove a legal right women have had for 50 years and would result in increased child and maternal mortality and increased unwanted teen pregnancies. And it would impose government intervention in what are very private and profound medical decisions. 
As a physician, I absolutely oppose this Supreme Court ruling. 

Please join me in this campaign.

Our Health Care System


As a physician with nearly thirty years of experience in medicine, I am very aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our health care system, and I want to become Vermont’s Congressman so that I can help fix health care where it is broken and support it where it is working well.

1) Lower the age of Medicare eligibility to 60.2) Allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices - as it already does for other medical services.3) Help build back primary care - which used to be the backbone of good health care, (and still should be).4) Meaningful tort reform, so that doctors do not feel compelled to order expensive and unnecessary tests and procedures, and patients who are harmed can receive prompt compensation.5) Focus on reversing the massive monopolization of health care by huge for-profit entities, and support independent hospitals and practices, which truly support their communities.

As both a physician and a congressional candidate, I focus on saving lives.
In regard to opioid addiction, this will mean prevention, treatment, and harm reduction. And harm reduction includes both sterile needle exchange and supervised injection sites. I recognize that these are distasteful options to many in our community, but they are necessary if we truly want to reduce mortality from this terrible illness.

Mental Health

As a physician, I am very aware of the mental health problems being experienced by both younger and older people in our communities. The past two years of COVID have led to increased levels of social isolation, loss, anxiety and depression. This is particularly notable in adolescents and children, who are now seeking care in our emergency rooms across the state. We certainly need increased funding of mental health. But we also need to be focusing on strategies to foster more healthy lifestyles and activities for young people, hopefully preventing such severe despair.


Our Economy


Inflation is now a huge concern for Americans, and indeed for people throughout the world.
Inflation is certainly not the sole fault of President Biden or the Democrats, but it is important to realize that simply throwing large amounts of money at a problem does not always help, and indeed may create problems of its own. As a realistic Democrat, I would have preferred that the Federal Reserve begin raising interest rates much sooner, and that the Federal stimulus checks had been more tailored to those who truly needed the help.
If elected to Congress, I will focus on using our tax dollars wisely, and in a way that uses data and common sense and is less wasteful.

Our Criminal Justice System

We are a nation founded on a Constitution and on laws. We want these laws to be upheld, at the same time we strive for a more just, equitable, and compassionate society.
As a former probation officer and uniformed reserve police officer, I have a working knowledge of the criminal justice system. I would support the following measures:

1) Cash bail can be eliminated, but only if judges or magistrates retain the authority to deny bail if they evaluate the defendant as being a danger to the public.2) Federal parole should be reinstated.3) Ghost guns should be banned.4) I would support a ban on the sale of assault rifles.5) I support Red Flag laws, which allow police to remove weapons from the house if a citizen appears at imminent risk of hurting themselves or others.6) I support background checks for gun purchases and required permits for carrying a gun outside the home.7) Any crime which involves use of a gun should bring mandatory prison time.8) I support diversion programs for drug possession, but not if an individual continues to be arrested. The same holds for vagrancy arrests.


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Thank you to the Saint Albans Messenger and the Newport Express for interviewing me this week. These are small but dedicated newspapers, which have served their communities well for many years.
Keep an eye out here for links to those interviews and scheduled future appearances.

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